When To Eat on the 17 Day Diet?

You are WHEN you eat. Let me explain so you’ll know WHEN to eat

When I was a resident, I developed some bad eating habits, such as
eating out of boxes and having lunch whenever I could grab it, like at four in the afternoon or even midnight.

Now, I’ve learned that eating too late in the day makes losing weight harder. It’s all about WHEN to eat.

In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers found that the later you eat your lunch, the more difficult it is to lose pounds and the higher your risk of getting diabetes.

They studied 420 overweight people for 20 weeks; those who ate lunch after three lost significantly less weight than those who ate earlier in the day.

Late eaters had a lower insulin sensitivity, meaning their bodies weren’t metabolizing blood sugar well, a situation that can lead to weight gain and diabetes.

There’s a lesson here: Try to eat a regular pattern of meals throughout the day, with main meals and snacks at roughly the same time throughout the day. The moral of this study is: No late lunches.

The 17 Day Diet allows you to snack between your main meals. That’s a good thing.

Here’s When To Eat…

I want you to eat something every three hours. So, the next time I ask you when to eat…the “right” answer is less than 3 hours ago.

Research shows that folks who don’t eat for three hours or longer have more body fat than regular snackers.

If you go too long without eating, or if you skip meals, your body senses that food is scarce, so it clings to its energy reserve, which is fat.

Then when you finally eat something, insulin shoots higher than normal in an effort to process the calories coming in. At that point, a fat-storing enzyme called lipoprotein lipase increases too, and starts packing away the newly eaten calories as fat.

Never fall prey to the myth that skipping meals will help you get skinny.

Just the opposite: it will deter your efforts to burn fat, impair your appetite regulation (which might lead to bingeing) and undermine your metabolism.

Eat on a regular schedule, and you’ll lose weight easily.

The best way to make sure you know when to eat is to plan ahead. My 3-day meal plan takes out all the guess work.

Download a FREE copy of the 3-day Meal Plan.  

Use it to pre-plan all your protein-rich meals!


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