2 MUST KNOW Supplements for Weight Loss

While you’re losing weight and exercising, your body has a heightened need for nutrition, and certain supplements provide a great backup. The two must know supplements that I’m going to teach you should be implemented to achieve your weight loss goal.

Vitally is important to mention if you are considered very overweight or obese, well then, you definitely need nutritional supplements especially to avoid the common vitamin D deficiency. Did you know that, both the benefits of fish oil and vitamin D benefits can assist you with weight loss?

Magic Pill For Weight Loss

As a doctor, I’m skeptical about any food supplement that people might believe is a miracle cure, especially for losing weight. A lot of people are looking for a magic pill that will burn off pounds without diet or exercise, but, of course, such a cure does not exist. There are a few supplements that can work with diet and exercise to help with weight control. Your diet, along with regular workouts, is the only true cure. You do not need any special supplements to help you lose weight on the 17 Day Diet. I want to make that clear from the outset. But if you want a little extra help (emphasis on the word little), here a few with medical journal research behind them, and not marketing hype.

Vitamin D Deficiency & Vitamin D Benefits

You may know vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin, because our skin makes it from interacting with sunlight for at least 10 minutes a day. An explosion of studies has found that most of us have vitamin D deficiency. One reason is that we spend less time in the sun, for fear of skin cancer, or we slather on sunscreen, which blocks not just harmful UV rays, but also the necessary interplay of skin and this vitamin. Because of the rush for the shade, we’re getting less vitamin D in our bodies and are creating a vitamin D deficiency.

Another reason is that people are getting fatter. Fat holds on to vitamin D, making it less available to the rest of the body. Also, people don’t eat a lot of dairy products much anymore, and dairy foods are fortified with vitamin D.

A vitamin D shortage is a risk factor for a host of other diseases, including cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes, as well as circulatory and autoimmune disorders, in which the body attacks itself. Plus, vitamin D is very important for muscle strength.  There are many vitamin D benefits; research has found that bedridden patients quickly regain strength after taking vitamin D. I have concluded that vitamin D benefits, and supplementation if you need it, is a rock star for building great health.

Before you dash off to the pharmacy for a bottle of vitamin D capsules, I suggest that you talk to your doctor about having a blood test for this vitamin to make sure that you have a vitamin D deficiency. The test is for 25-hydroxyvitamin D. If you’re deficient, taking a supplement at the recommended level will correct any deficiency.

How to take vitamin D: 800 to 1,000 IUs. Check with your doctor on correct dosages, if you have a vitamin D deficiency in this nutrient.

Benefits of Fish Oil

There are many benefits of fish oil. It does practically everything for you but your laundry. It helps lower cholesterol (in conjunction with other nutrients) and, among other things; it helps you control body fat.

A 2007 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that the benefits of fish oil supplementation actually shrunk fat cells in overweight women. We lose weight when fat cells shrink; fat cells never go away, they just get smaller when we diet and exercise.

Supplementation with fish oil is especially important if you do not eat fish.

How to take fish oil: As mentioned previously, take 3 grams a day for good health and possible weight-control benefits of fish oil.

Supplements for Weight Loss

There are far too many vitamin D benefits and benefits of fish oil to ignore taking them.  Nutritional supplements can fill in gaps and provide extra insurance against any deficiencies, such as a vitamin D deficiency. Though not a panacea or miracle weight-loss cure, some supplements may help with weight control. These include vitamin D and fish oil and must be used in conjunction with the 17 Day Diet and a regular exercise program. At the very basic level, take a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement.

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Vitamin D Deficiency

Benefits of Fish Oil

Vitamin D Benefits

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