Trim the Fat with Lean Proteins

Eating more lean proteins will help you trim the fat – literally.

I think one of the biggest problems with living a healthy lifestyle these days is that there are so many restrictions.

For many of us, our lives revolve around food. We share our day around the dinner table, we dine out to celebrate life events and for many of us, our cultural heritage is rooted in what we eat.  We even find comfort in our food.  

So, when faced with living a healthy lifestyle, a lot of people seem to think, wow, with so many diets I can’t ever have meat again or I can’t ever have chicken, or pork, etc.

But, it turns out that meat, especially lean proteins are not as bad for you as a lot of people think…

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Choose your meat wisely.  Remember, meat’s just another form of protein so you’re not going to get any carbs.

The key to having meat is trimming off the fat. Make sure you use cuts of meat that are low in fat and if there is extra fat on there,  just trim it off.  This one step will ensure that fatty protein becomes a much more lean protein.

Remember, you don’t have to put yourself in a food jail. You don’t have to be so restrictive. 

You really should be able to enjoy anything you like. Moderation and preparation are key.

When eating meat, trim off the extra fat, bake it, and season it. I guarantee you when you eat lean proteins, especially with vegetables, you will feel full – even without the fat.

There’s a big misconception that so many people need carbs to feel full and it’s really not true.

Proteins with meat, fish, chicken, are filling. This is especially true if you slow down when you’re eating and take time to enjoy the meal.

Take smaller bites, chew more slowly and you’ll find your food becomes easier to digest and you’ll be more likely to notice when you feel full too.  

The variety of lean proteins is endless.  

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