Top 5 Benefits of the 17 Day Diet

Devising a diet plan for a healthy lifestyle can be tricky. With the 17 Day Diet, you now have a roadmap to make your new diet and fitness plan a success.

Keep in mind a roadmap is merely a guide.  Although it is a great tool for getting to where you want to be, ultimately you are still the one responsible for following the map to get there.

It is also important to realize that benefits of the 17 Day Diet go beyond just undergoing dramatic weight loss. The ultimate goal of this plan, and any healthy and safe diet plan, is overall improved health. Pursuing healthy lifestyle choices ultimately leads to heightened energy, positive mood changes, and weight loss.

While there are certainly plenty of benefits to the 17 Day Diet, here is a quick look at the top five:

#1: Weight Loss

Let’s be honest, this is usually the driving motivation behind any diet plan. The good news is that the 17 Day Diet is specifically designed to drop the majority of your excess weight within cycle 1, or the first 17 days.  Depending on how overweight you are, you can hope to see weight loss that is often described as dramatic.

#2: Improved Confidence and Mood

By changing your diet and including any form of daily “movement” or exercise, you can automatically guarantee that you’ll begin to feel great. Often times, you don’t realize how run down and sluggish you feel until you change your diet and start to feel better.

#3: Boost in Energy Levels

On the 17 Day Diet think of exercise as “movement.”  Although it may be challenging in the beginning to find the energy to get moving, you will quickly discover that your change in diet and increase in movement will provide you with heightened energy. People rely on sugars and sodas to get energy these days. Discover how easy it is to have natural energy without these toxins.

#4: Lifelong Plan for Healthy Eating

Unlike fad diets that change your diet for a brief amount of time and then change it again, the 17 Day Diet sets you up with a lifelong plan for healthy eating. The cycles are designed for immediate and rapid weight loss, followed by the implementation of practical and healthy food choices that keep the weight off. You’re training your body to want healthy foods, and make healthy habits a lifestyle.

#5: Enjoy Exercise

Whether you have never been a fitness enthusiast or you are struggling to find workout motivation again, this 17 Day Diet plan can help you get a healthy body. Once you get moving, each walk or run will become easier and more enjoyable, and you may even find out you actually like exercising!

You will discover plenty of other benefits once you begin your personal journey with Dr. Mike’s 17 Day Diet plan. Good luck!

  1. Hey Dr. Mike! Just wanted to say that I do indeed agree with all five of these benefits! Started the 17 Day Diet on January 9th so it has been 7 months. I am down 105 lbs. and feeling remarkably improved! Noticed a marked change in energy within 7 days of starting! It took a number of months but the exercise component is in place now and that feels fabulous also! I would like to lose about 45 lbs. more. I should reach that goal by the end of the year. This diet has been exactly the place I have needed to be. What a great fit. Thanks for all your encouragement!

  2. Hey Dr. Mike!

    I started your diet in May and untill now I lost over 24 kilograms. (53,13 lbs)
    I started working out at Curves, a fitnessprogram for women. I’m working out 3 times a week and I really learned to enjoy it. I never like working out, but I see very good results since I started. Weightloss, losing inches in my body. So far I lost 29.13 inches. My clothes are way too big now, so time to go shopping!! 🙂
    I feel great, have more energy. People around me give me loads of compliments about the way I look now. I even heard that I look 10 years younger!!
    I’m working with your diet for almost 4 months, I learned another way of enjoying food and to prepare it in a good way to make it taste very good. Your diet goes around the world, I guess. Here in Holland your book is sold as well. I enjoy reading it, it’s written in a way as if you are talking to me in person. Easy to read!

    Just wanted to say thank you for this great diet! I never managed to lose this much weight, without feeling hungry of depressed. I feel great!!

    Thank you!!

  3. I started the 17-Day Diet in September and by December, had lost 25 pounds. After that, I stayed the same, not losing or gaining. I’m trying to stick to Phase 2 as much as possible and to increase my daily movements. The food plan is great! I know I will get back on the losing track again soon. I have another 18 pounds to lose to reach my doctor’s goal for me.

  4. My wife and I have been on this eating plan since February of 2011. I went from 212 (had been as high as 230 in my life) to 178 which may have been too thin for me. My original goal was to get under 200 but balance and common sense moved it to be under 190. My weight goes from 185 to 192, which I keep at the top end. Whenever I deviate too far from the basic 17 DD plan, it is counter-productive. If I stick with Cycle 1/Cycle 2 foods from Breakfast Monday through Lunch Friday, I do just fine.
    I have also found that most of the time when I have a cheat meal, it isn’t worth it. That doesn’t mean I won’t eat cake this weekend at my granddaughter’s Christening party! I just am working on mindful eating.

  5. Today is my eighth day. Have not weighed in because I am visiting relatives, and there is no scale, but I know about how much I weighed when I came here. It will be my 17th day when I arrive back at home, so therefore, I can weigh in then. I am still excited about your diet, Dr. Medina, and I am 77 years old.

  6. I’m on day 9 and feeling better than ever! I’m down 6 pounds and have more energy, eating better and even sleeping better. Dr. Mike, I’m 54 yrs old and currently going through menopause…it’s been a nightmare but I discovered your plan and LOVE IT! I’m sticking to it and looking forward to my weight loss! Thanks again!

  7. Dr. Mike,
    I began your 17 day diet in 2012 and lost over 20 lbs by the time I finished cycle 3, and had kept it off for 2 years and I loved the energy that it gave me! Last year during the holidays I gained back 10 lbs due to lack of exercise and portion control and a lot of stress I was going through, and I’ve been struggling with getting the weight back off. I started a weight loss challenge here at work with some other ladies, and plan to get back on your diet and make it work again. I know the right things to do, because all your words in your book has stuck in my head.

    I love reading your book and your sense of humor and would love to meet and walk with you if I’m ever in the San Diego area.

    Thank you for keeping it real!

  8. Dr Mike, I love your 17 day diet plan , i am 34 years old and trying 2 lose the rest of my baby weight n have so much energy 2 keep up with my kids n I forget that I’m an adult n jump n play with them n don’t have migraines like I do on other diet plans! Reba

    • Reba, it’s great to hear that the 17 Day Diet has helped you gain more energy and helped with your migraines too! Keep up the great work living a healthy lifestyle!

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