Body Breakthrough TheraBand® Resistance Bands

Resistance: Light, Heavy


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Theraband Resistance Band

TheraBand® Multi-Band Patient Packs

Transform your workouts – more fun and more effective.

  • Perfect for spot-reduction exercises
  • Tone your arms, legs and core
  • Lose inches from your problem areas
  • The preferred choice for Body Breakthrough

For over 30 years, TheraBand® has been the undisputed leader in resistance bands.

Enjoy all the benefits of a strength-training workout without the need for bulky free weights or expensive exercise machines.

Because they’re compact and lightweight, TheraBand® is ideal for personal use at home or while traveling.

With TheraBand®’s proven System of Trusted Progression, your results will speak for themselves.

Designed to compliment any workout, the TheraBand® Multi-Band Pack will help you:

  • Improve strength & conditioning
  • Increase range of motion
  • Restore muscle & joint function
  • Provides positive & negative resistance

Highly recommended for use with the 17-Minute Workout exercises and Body Breakthrough with Dr. Mike, including The Arm Blast, Bicep Curls, and Batwing Burn.

Product Details

Resistance levels: Light resistance x 3 levels

Band length: Each band is 5’L x 5.5”W

Material: Extremely durable latex

* Before starting any diet or fitness program, consult your physician to determine if such program is right for your needs.

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