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Get REAL Results, FAST, with the only diet plan
designed to fit YOUR lifestyle!

Since the release of my #1 Best-Selling book The 17-Day Diet millions of people have achieved their health and weight loss goals.

And while everyone’s journey is different, our motivators are relatively the same.

We diet because we want to look and feel more attractive, we want to have more energy, we want to keep ourselves healthy and decrease our risk of serious illness or disease.

While our reasons have remained relatively the same for decades, dietary discoveries are progressing and advancing at a rapid pace, and so is technology... this is REALLY good news for you!

Some of the most profound advancements in dietary history have been made recently. These breakthroughs make dieting less boring and more flavorful than ever before. Myths have been dispelled, backed by evidence that proves you can burn fat faster and get healthier quicker than ever before.

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Body Breakthrough by Dr. Mike my step-by-step body transformation program.

Body Breakthrough is an enhanced, interactive version of my BEST-SELLING, proven 17-Day Diet plan that takes weight loss and body transformation to the next level — making it easier, faster, more fun and convenient than ever before!

Designed for the Way You Live

With short videos and tips, tactics and strategies delivered to you daily, you can take advantage of everything Body Breakthrough offers wherever and whenever you want – on your mobile device, at home, during your lunch break – anywhere, anytime.

Finally, you have what you need to eliminate the challenges of normal diets with a simple, convenient, FUN and 100% proven plan that is guaranteed to wipe out stubborn fat and help you get in the best shape of your life!

How it Works

Losing weight does NOT have to be so difficult.

You can Diet Without Being Hungry All the Time

Healthy weight loss doesn’t mean obsessive calorie counting or starving yourself.

When you know how to eat the right way – your options are unlimited (and delicious).

With portion sizes like “all you can eat” and “as much as you want,” Body Breakthrough is unlike any diet you’ve ever seen before!

Throughout each cycle, you will discover how your body uses different foods, like Contour foods.

And how you can use them to Target Stubborn Fat, and Melt Away those problem areas around your waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks with laser-focused precision.

The Body Breakthrough Digital Diet Program takes advantage of Exciting NEW Advances in health and weight loss nutrition...

At the core, the program is a carefully balanced food and exercise plan that is specifically designed to optimize your metabolism to produce rapid weight loss and permanent results for complete body and life transformation.

Interactive Features

Daily “How-To” Diet Video Tips and Hacks

Daily Tips From Dr Mike

Daily Interactive, Customizable Action Guides

Delicious Recipes for Each Cycle

Delicious Recipes for Cycles

Exercise Tips and Hacks

Exercise Tips

Food Journal & Meal Planner

Food Journal

Supplements & Gear

Supplements & Gear

1Brand-New "How-To" Daily Video Diet Tips and Hacks

Dr Mike

Each day of your cycle, you’ll get a Brand New, quick (2-4 minute) video from me that will teach you how to maximize your results while doing your regular day-to-day activities--whether you’re working at the office or running errands around the house.

I’ll address the controversial new breakthroughs, and how you can use them to your advantage! I’ll also share some of the best methods (or diet hacks as I like to call them) that you can use to tackle the greatest challenges we face in our daily healthy lifestyle efforts.

AccelerateCycle 1

  • Rapid weight loss cycle
  • Jumpstart your metabolism
  • Flush sugar and toxins from your body
  • Trim belly fat, thigh fat, and other stubborn fat

ActivateCycle 2

  • Metabolic boost cycle
  • Strip away body fat
  • Give momentum to your metabolism
  • Avoid weight-loss plateau

AchieveCycle 3

  • The steady weight loss cycle
  • Establish good eating habits
  • Continue manageable weight loss
  • Benefit from increased physical fitness

ArriveCycle 4

  • The efficient control cycle
  • Learn how to maintain your weight loss
  • Continue firing up your metabolism

Here are a few things you'll learn:

  • What NOT to do in a Grocery Store
  • How to Resist the Urge of Temptation
  • Why Stress Makes You FAT
  • Snacking without Pound Packing
  • Sex and Weight loss
  • Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at Work
  • Best food choices for when you’re dining out
  • The best household chores that BURN calories
  • How to avoid diet Saboteurs
  • Fats that Burn Fat
  • Why you have NO energy
  • Breaking Bad Travel Habits
  • What to do when the office brings in bagels
  • Tasty substitutions for lactose or gluten sensitivity

I know you’re busy, so each video is short, sweet and to the point!

2Daily Interactive Guides

Iphone Body Breakthrough Lessons Web app view

With each daily video, you’ll get a daily interactive action guide that allows you to customize your experience uniquely to your wants and needs. They will help you to take action and make you feel good about what you’re doing for yourself!

3Meal Planners, Food Journals, Recipes, Exercise
Tips and Accountability Checklists

Meal Planner
  • Your meal planner is your best friend. Planning in advance allows you to combat the cravings and stick it to! To help you get started, I provide you with a 3-Day Meal plan to kick off each cycle, then, you take it from there, to help you stay prepared for the rest of your week.
  • Your food journal allows you to track your progress. So you can see what you actually did, versus what you planned to do. This way you can identify your strengths and weaknesses as you go through each cycle.
  • Each cycle is packed with delicious recipes that you will NEVER get bored with.
  • You’ll get some of the most effective exercises for toning each part of your body—the best part is, you can do most of them from ANYWHERE, anytime, even in your cubicle (without looking like a weirdo)
  • You’ll also get plenty of accountability checklists, weight loss checklists, calorie guides and progress trackers.
Get Instant Access

Total Value $197-Save $100!

For most people, learning about the Science of Weight Loss
is great, but—let’s be honest—it’s about the results, right?

You Just Want Results
Sexier. Healthier. Happier.

Dr Mike Moreno

Dr. Michael Rafael Moreno, better known as “Dr. Mike,” is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine and Hahnemann Medical School (now Drexel University).

Following his residency at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana, California, Dr. Mike moved to San Diego, where he now practices family medicine and sits on the board of the San Diego Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

That’s what makes Body Breakthrough so awesome:

You follow the plan...

You lose weight...

You change your life forever...

No ands, ifs or buts!

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

But why should you take my word for it?

With Body Breakthrough, from Day One, you will start to experience REAL results you can see and feel.

What kind of results?

How does losing up to one pound a day sound?

On average, Body Breakthrough members are losing between 10 and 12 pounds in just the first 17 days.

Do you think you can spare two to four extra minutes a day
to get results like THAT?”

This all sounds amazing, right? But how do you know if this is right for you?

Body Breakthrough is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to shed unwanted fat and lose weight quickly and safely.

Especially if you want to avoid the typical diet hunger, cravings and stomach grumbling.

Body Breakthrough is Right For You If:

  • You don’t want to spend a fortune joining a gym or buying expensive gear to participate in expensive classes.
  • You don’t have a ton of money to spend to lose a ton of weight. Everybody should be able to experience results that make them feel good about their body AND their bank account.)
  • You’re a busy parent-on-the-go, who simply doesn’t have enough energy or hours in a day to spend working out at the gym.
  • You want to live a healthy, active lifestyle and lose weight without ever stepping foot in the gym.
  • You want to be healthy and get in shape, without sacrificing your social life.
  • Your job requires you to work long hours and you’d rather commit MORE of your time doing something about it and LESS of your time reading about how to do it.

When you commit yourself to Body Breakthrough, your results will be amazing I’m so confident, I guarantee it!

Guarantee Box

Here’s a recap of what you’ll receive in each of the four Body Breakthrough cycles:

Dr Mike's Diet Lessons

A Brand-New “How-To” Daily Diet Lesson— one for each day of each cycle!

Body Breakthrough Lessons Video

A Brand-New Daily Interactive Action Guide— so you can take action right away and customize your plan uniquely for you!

Body Breakthrough Meal Planner Body Breakthrough Meal Planner back

Meal Planners— so you can combat the cravings and stick with it!

Android Food Journal

Food Journals— to help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and track your progress!

Delicious Recipes

Delicious Recipes— for every cycle, so you never have to deal with diet boredom again!

Band Exercise

Exercises you can do anywhere, anytime— so you can tone on-the-go!

Dr Mike

Expert guidance and support from Dr. Mike.

Isn’t it time you get the body and life you deserve?

Then Order Body Breakthrough Today!

In just a few short days from now you’ll begin seeing and feeling results – looking slimmer, sexier and healthier. Aren’t you worth it? Of course you are.

Now, do yourself a favor and get started today. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the inside!