The 17 Day Diet #1 Most Popular Diets of 2014

I am honored to have had The 17 Day Diet chosen by Diets in as the most popular diets of 2014. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

#1 is always good.  Who wouldn’t want to be #1?  When you look at the list of best diets, there is an obvious presence of some big names and heavy-hitters.  The most important thing to me is not necessarily being at the top of that list, it’s the realization that there are so many people and groups of people who genuinely want to improve the health of our society.

That being said, cheers to everyone on this list for trying to improve the health of the individuals in this world.

DIR Most Popular 2014 hi-res“17 Day Diet has done it again, making an impressive second showing as our number one most popular diet! The original book debuted in late 2010 and quickly rose to our #1 diet in 2011, taking over three-year leader Weight Watchers. This year’s return to the top was no doubt fueled by the new year release of the The 17 Day Diet: Breakthrough Edition; a reformatted version updated with a fasting day, new recipes, and better attention on fitness. The book has never ranked lower than #4 on our list.”

From: The 25 Most Popular Diets of 2014: The 17 Day Diet Dominates Weight Watchers and Jillian Michaels Once Again

The 17 Day Diet is Sustainable and Doable

From the debut, The 17 Day Diet has a few key characteristics that I think have a huge importance in the programs success.  First, this program is SO DOABLE and SO SUSTAINABLE!  The hallmark of any good program is doability and sustainability.  Don’t get me wrong, you will see the fast results that we all want to see.  The key is fast results with long term sustainability!  Secondly, this program focuses on so much more than losing weight.

My new diet program Body Breaktrhough is designed to help you stay accountable on your diet. We all lead busy lives and our diet should be easy to keep up with. Learn more about Body Breakthrough HERE.

Happiness is What Counts Most

Thousands of people have reduced or stopped medications.  People have become more active, improving their cardiovascular health.  People have experienced drops in blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar!  So what does this all mean?  Is this what life is all about?  Certainly these are critical, and they can lend tremendous support to living that long healthy life we all want to live.  But to me, the thing that counts most is happiness.

Thank You to The 17 Day Diet Community

Over the last few years, I have watched the 17 Day Diet community grow.  I have watched perfect strangers reach out and support others who need that extra help.

Let’s face it, we all need that extra help,  I know I sure do.  I continue to see so many individuals offering ideas and strategies on how to make things work.  I have seen so many people congratulating and encouraging others in the community.  This is how it has to work.  This is how we can all succeed!  I can’t tell you how many times I have been able to get that little push or needed motivation to get through a challenging day.  There have been days that I don’t want to exercise, or maybe my eating habits have struggled, maybe my water intake was a little low.

Whatever the case may be, I get my motivation and drive to get back on track from YOU!  I think so many of us have managed to get through those tough times because of YOU!

So on that note.  Thank you everyone out there.  Thank you everyone for the kind words of encouragement, sharing your stories of success or struggles.  So many of us experience these challenges, and knowing there are so many others who feel the same pressures, makes our journey a little more comforting.

We have come a long way in the last 4 years.  I know there is so much more to do, but we will get there.  During this holiday time I want everyone to remember the most important gift of all, is the gift of good health.  For those of us who have it, lets continue to work on it and do our best to reach out to those who need more help.  We all see bad things happen every day.  We all see individuals suffering from ailments they don’t ask for.

As a Family Medicine doctor of 17 years, I have seen these unfortunate situations daily.  It’s by far the most difficult part of my job.  Many of these individuals give me the strength to continue to fight for the cause and continue to stay the course.  Thank you everyone for all the support over the years.

Body Breakthrough Diet System

Have you guys heard about my Body Breakthrough Diet System? I designed it with all of you in mind. We all have busy lives and your diet should work with you. This program is designed for anyone on the go who still wants to be healthy and lose weight fast!

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Happy Holidays to everyone.  Cheers!

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  1. Hello Dr. Moreno!
    I have successfully followed the 17 Day Diet in the past and lost over 30 pounds. Two years ago, I became vegetarian — no meat at all, including fish and seafood — which has been great for my overall health, but not so much for my waistline. The only animal protein I eat is eggs. I take a multi-vitamin for vegans daily, and I drink a protein shake for vegans daily. If I cut out all legumes and grains for the first 17 days, I will be left with veggies, fruits, eggs, and dairy. Is that healthy? I want to follow your diet again, but I don’t know how to modify it for vegetarianism. Will you advise me? Thank you for your help. –Reagan

  2. This is maybe a terrible question, but I showed my husband the supplement section of the diet; specifically arginine (for the ahem). He is interested. Can you tell me what is a good brand to buy? At 5 grams, thats 5000 mg, so is it a horsepill, or should I get smaller 1000 mg and tell him to take 5 a day?
    Day 3, feel so much better already.
    Did this a few years ago, lost 30 lb. Kept it off several years then had some medical issues and creeped back up. Looking to lose 20 and I know it will come off and stay off.
    Love you and your diet!

  3. Please provide guidance about role of nuts in the cycles. Can one eat almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts? If yes, how much is a serving. Thanks! MH

  4. I have been on the first cycle for several days and really have enjoyed it so far. I’ve even lost weight which is pleasant considering I have a thyroid problem. I see Lean Granola in some menus and it is italicized so I am assuming it is a recipe, but there is none given.I also did not find a recipe for Spicy Beef Tips and Light Fries both of which are listed in Cycle 3 Menus. Also several days in Cycle 3 do not have snacks. Thanks for replying. Pam

  5. Dr. Moreno at what times am I allowed to have the two fruits. I know one is allowed at breakfast. On the menu plan the second fruit serving is at snack time which is after dinner. On page 70 in the general guidelines it says not to eat any fruit after two in the afternoon. Will you please give me an understanding on this. Also, can I use egg white that is in the carton. Good book. Thank you

  6. How come Summer (yellow) squash and zuccini squash are not on the cleansing vegetable list or on the list for the activate cycle? I thought these were very good for you and diet friendly!!

  7. Dr. Mike Moreno:
    I’ve lost 44 lbs.with your plan. Started in September 2016 and am very happy. Just want to “Thank you” !

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