Dr-Mike-MorenoDr. Mike has now teamed up with Bronson Vitamins, leading experts in supplement manufacturing, to bring you The 17 Day Diet® Pack. Each Pack includes six of Dr. Mike’s favorite nutritional supplements recommended in the book, The 17 Day Diet®, to help support and achieve your weight loss goals.

The 17 Day Diet® Pack, designed with Dr. Mike and made available exclusively from Bronson Vitamins includes: Sockeye Salmon 1000 mg; Tonalin® CLA; Selenium 200 mcg; Vitamin D 1000 I.U.; Green Tea Capsules; and Probiotic Multi.

Dr. Mikes 17 Day Diet Pack
Bronson Vitamins
Supplement Pack – 6 Bottles
17 Day Diet Sockeye Salmon Oil 1000 mg
Bronson Vitamins
90 Softgels
17 Day Diet Probiotic Multi
Bronson Vitamins
30 Tablets
Bronson Vitamins
100 Capsules
17 Day Diet Vitamin D 1000 I.U.
Bronson Vitamins
100 Softgels
17 Day Diet Tonalin CLA
Bronson Vitamins
90 Softgels
17 Day Diet Selenium 200 mcg
Bronson Vitamins
100 Tablets

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