Dr. Mike has now teamed up with Bronson Vitamins, leading experts in supplement manufacturing, to bring you The 17 Day Diet Pack.

Each Pack includes six of Dr. Mike’s favorite nutritional supplements recommended in the book, The 17 Day Diet, to help support and achieve your weight loss goals.

The 17 Day Diet Pack, designed with Dr. Mike and made available exclusively from Bronson Vitamins includes: Sockeye Salmon 1000 mg; Tonalin CLA; Selenium 200 mcg; Vitamin D 1000 I.U.; Green Tea Capsules; and Probiotic Multi.

17 Days Diet Approved Probiotic Multi Q619A

Bronson: Where should a person start?

Dr. Mike Moreno: “Start with a multivitamin and mineral supplement, a once-a-day type, preferably an antioxidant formula. I like to make sure people take multivitamins that contain folic acid and vitamin B6. Probiotics help balance your digestive system, resulting in an overall increase in the efficiency of digestion. Research shows that probiotics may also help fight obesity.”

17 Days Diet Approved Sockeye Salmon Oil Q479

Q: What do you think about fish oils?

A: Fish oil does practically everything for you but your laundry. Take 3 grams a day for good health.”

17 Days Diet Approved Tonalin® CLA Q211A

Q: What do you know about CLA?

A: “When I study the research on CLA, most of the results are turning up to be positive. I recommend taking 1 gram with breakfast, another with lunch, and another with dinner – for a total of 3 grams a day.”

17 Days Diet Approved Selenium 200 mcg Q528A

Q: What about simple minerals – are they good antioxidants?

A: “Selenium is an antioxidant mineral. I probably don’t have enough time to tell you about this mineral’s impressive – and long – resume. Suffice to say, Selenium is used to form antioxidant enzymes. It’s wise to take 200 micrograms daily.”

17 Days Diet Approved Vitamin D 1,000 IU Q844A

Q: Is vitamin D important to take?

A: “Fat holds on to vitamin D, making it less available to the rest of the body. I have concluded that vitamin D, and supplementation if you need it, is a rock star for building great health.”

17 Days Diet Approved Green Tea Capsules Q467

Q: Green tea has been a hot ingredient over the recent years – why is that?

A: “Certain natural chemicals called catechins in green tea increase fat-burning and stimulate thermogenesis, the calorie-burning process that occurs as a result of digesting and metabolizing food.”

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