17 Day Diet Green Tea Capsules


Antioxidant support in a caffeine free capsule!

Green Tea has been used for centuries as the ‘universal remedy’ for many illnesses. The antioxidants in green tea are more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E.*

Dr. Mike says… “Certain natural catechins in green tea increase fat-burning…”

Powerful antioxidant used for over 4,000 years!

People usually drink green tea because of its soothing taste. But did you know that this beverage contains polyphenols, which are natural compounds that act as powerful antioxidants? Researchers have discovered that the antioxidant content of green tea is more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E in protecting cells from free-radicals!*

Bronson’s Green Tea capsules are caffeine free!

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Size: 100 Capsules
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Days supply: 25
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