She inspired others & lost over 12 inches too!

The quarterly 17 Day Diet Challenges are the best and most fun way to reach your weight loss goals! It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. The challenge provides that extra layer of motivation and accountability you need in order to fully commit and stay inspired. 

Our 17 Day Diet Cycle Two Challenge helped over 100 people to lose more than 300 pounds! It was hard to pick just one winner because there were so many amazing wins and transformations.

She lost 9.6 pounds and over 12 inches in the August Cycle One and Cycle Two Challenges!
Meet Our Latest Inspiration, 17 Day Diet Cycle Two Challenge Winner, Sue!

Here’s what Sue had to say about participating in the challenge:

My hubby and I have been doing the 17 Day Diet since May and I have lost 29 lbs!

I was ready to go up 1 size larger to a 16 and decided I HAD to do something. I was tired of being out of control with my food choices. I have gone down to a size 12 so far!

I loved the daily videos by Dr. Mike and the support from the Challenge Group. This really doesn’t seem like a “diet” and I enjoy trying new healthy foods instead of foods that make me so bloated or tired! I have not experienced as many migraines also! That’s GREAT for me!

Thank you Dr Mike for sharing with so many of us!

Congrats, Sue! Thank you for being such an active member of our community and setting such a great example for the rest of us. Your inspiration and support of other Challengers was another reason why you won the 17 Day Diet Cycle Two Challenge.

Because of her accomplishment, Sue received a $50 Amazon gift card and 1-on-1 coaching call with me.  

Get all the details and sign up here>>

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