How Healthy Snacks Like Vegetables Will Make You Feel Great

If you haven’t eaten vegetables since you were 11, let’s spend a second on this “I hate vegetables” thing. You hate all vegetables? There isn’t one you like, no matter how it’s prepared? Vegetables are healthy snacks and a great energy food. They contribute to overall better health and lower body fat.

If you eliminate all vegetables from your diet, you’re giving up some very important nutrients and really narrowing your food options. Vegetables are a great energy food as they are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Shunning them is a bad idea. Why not learn to prepare them as healthy snacks or with herbs and spices to satisfy your taste?

Vegetables, the Ultimate Energy Food

Pardon my assumption, but I think you, like thousands of other people I’ve talked to, believe that to lose weight, you have to subsist on carrot and celery sticks. But the old “carry around some celery sticks as healthy snacks to munch on” mentality is gone forever. Aren’t you relieved?

There are hundreds of different vegetables you can eat. Either as healthy snacks or even if you have to hide them in soups or spaghetti sauce. And you can pretty much eat your way through a couple of bushels without gaining any weight.

Lose the Body Fat

If you want to change your body and get leaner, stronger and healthier, and lose the body fat, you have to eat vegetables. A March 1999 study conducted by the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at Tufts University found that the dieters who ate the widest variety of vegetables had the least amount of body fat. You need to eat vegetables if you want to get thin and lose the body fat.

Vegetables = thin.

No vegetables = flabby.

Many of my patients have actually acquired a taste for lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and all sorts of veggies. Some of them have even turned themselves into health nuts who only dip their forks into the salad dressing to really slash caloric intake.

You’re better off getting your vitamins from food. Natural energy food, like vegetables will make you feel better, the body absorbs them more easily, and you’ll just feel healthier.

MORE Benefits from Eating Your Veggies

Eat more vegetables and you will:

1. Bubble with energy all day, because vegetables are an energy food.

2. Improve your digestion and elimination, because veggies are high in fiber.

3. High-fiber foods control appetite. They help prevent excess calories from being stored as body fat.

4. Help your body boot out toxins. These toxins are slowing down your metabolism.

5. Have glowing skin. Your skin loves vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and you get the most out of those nutrients from veggies.

6. Help prevent major killers like cancer and heart disease, because veggies are rich in disease-fighting antioxidants.

So yes, you heard me: Eat your vegetables. To learn more about my “17 Day Diet” program, click HERE to purchase my book and DVD bundle.

Thank you for reading my blog on vegetables as a natural energy food and great healthy snacks. If you enjoyed it please comment and share with your friends and family.


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  1. I love the 17 day diet and have lost weight both times I followed it. But now with new fasting addition….I was wondering if you could follow for more than one day safely and lose weight? Thank you!

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