Why We Can’t be Healthy

So one of my favorite things to hear is why people can’t be healthy. And let’s face it, we haven’t had a lot to be excited about in the last two years. And we can all elaborate on that… whether it’s globally, or in our country, or personally.

I think there are so many reasons as to why we can’t be healthy, and I think we focus on these.

The Barriers Between Us and Being Healthy

I think the main thing to really look at is why were not healthy? why we can’t be healthy? How can we take these barriers, or these reasons why were not healthy – and make them work for us.

One of things I like to ask people is… from the time that alarm goes off in the morning, or I guess nowadays when that cell phone wakes you up…to the time you lay down at night and go to sleep – what are the things during your day that you think you could have done a little bit different? What are the simple things you could have done that could help you lose weight?

Lets focus on health for second – so maybe you didn’t drink enough water today. Maybe you didn’t get enough exercise. Maybe you dwelled on some bad thing that happened at work, or with your personal life. Maybe you had some stressful event that sent you the wrong way.

My whole thing is to take these things that happen in our day, and happen to every single one of us… Take your new child, or take the death of a loved one, take a fight with your partner, or a fight with your boss – which probably happens every day, and make it work for you.

Be Positive!

Go for a walk. Close your door. Or do a few push-ups. Maybe sit on exercise ball at work.  Maybe just go for a walk down the hall and talk to one of your favorite colleagues.

Don’t meet in the kitchen, and if you do make a healthy meeting. Don’t get out for a cup of coffee, and if you do, make sure you chase it with a glass of water.

Then just realize that the day is going to be over. And eventually your going to get back to your life. And at the end of the day everything that may have been negative – You made positive. And that’s what each day should entail.

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