Exercise and Fitness Quiz: Test Your Health Knowledge IQ


What’s your health and fitness IQ? Do you want to find out by taking my health quiz?

I am a firm believer of educating yourself in health and fitness.

The more you know about your own health and fitness, the more successful you will be during your diet. 

So I want to ask you this question…

Do you want to test your fitness IQ with a health and fitness quiz?

I’ll get it started with a question for you.

Q: Does maintaining physical fitness require major lifestyle changes? True or False?

A: False

Overall fitness can be achieved through small changes in your overall lifestyle. By making changes in your eating habits and levels of activity, you can lose weight that easily. Try starting a walking routine a couple of times a week and see what it does for you!

If you want to test your fitness IQ, click on the button below to take a fun 13 question health quiz!

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