Stay Active With These 5 Office Workout Tips

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You probably spend more time at work than anywhere else. When you sit in an office hour after hour, your body becomes strained from not moving. Mental stress at work isn’t the only thing you have to worry about, physical stress also occurs on your body as a result of having an office job.

Stay Active at Work

You have to make time at work to move around and get up. Enjoy some time to yourself for a little office workout. Enjoy the benefits of walking. Work will always demand something from you and work will always be there. Don’t forget to make that time for you to stay active and stay healthy.  This will reduce a lot of your stress at work.

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5 Office Workout Tips

Follow these 5 office workout tips that will lead to a healthier lifestyle, a healthier more active you and reduce some of your stress at work.

1) Walk Every Hour. This is the most important office workout. It is especially important to move around and take a walk at least every hour. When you think about it, if you stand up and walk for two minutes every hour during your day, after working a 10-hour day, you have walked for 20 minutes. Get up and take a quick walk. Grab a coworker and enjoy the benefits of walking together. Choose to take the stairs while getting around the office building instead of using the elevator.

2) Stretching and Breathing Exercises. Breathing exercises are an incredibly helpful office workout. Stopping and taking deep breaths at your desk every 20 minutes or so can relieve stress at work. It is also important to stretch every so often at your desk.

3) Sit on an Exercise Ball. A personal office workout of mine, I sit on an exercise ball when I’m at my desk and I find that it really helps to maintain posture in your back and your neck. It helps build your core muscles without really doing anything. You don’t have to sit on an exercise ball all day, but remember to keep good posture when working from your desk.

4) Staying Hydrated. It’s also important to stay hydrated throughout the workday. The good thing about staying hydrated is that it will at least force you to get up and walk to the bathroom. I can’t tell you how often my nurses laugh at me for going to the bathroom every hour, but at least I’m staying hydrated, getting up and moving around.

5) Don’t Eat Junk. Stay away from foods that weigh you down. Often times in the morning we starve ourselves and then at lunch we eat too much food and end up falling asleep at our desks. Be sure to eat your meals. You will have more energy and get more done.

Make Time for an Office Workout

Work is never going to make time for you to exercise, unless you are fortunate enough to have a job where you move around and are on your feet all of the time. Make it a point to get up and have an office workout while you are at work. Grab a couple of coworkers and make it a joint effort to enjoy the benefits of walking together.

Always remember, staying hydrated, breathing exercises and moving at work can make a big, big difference in your overall health and reduce a lot of stress at work.

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