Eating Protein Helps Your Lose Weight

Eating protein helps you lose weight.  That’s a fact.  Protein is a powerful fat burner. That’s why it’s a fundamental food choice on the 17 Day Diet.

By adding more protein to your diet, you’ll not only lose weight faster, you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

1. Digesting protein takes more energy (calories) than digesting carbs or fat does; thus, your body burns a few extra calories after eating protein.

2. Including ample protein in your diet spurs one of your body’s fat-burning mechanisms: the production of the hormone glucagon. Glucagon signals your body to move dietary fat into your bloodstream and use it for energy rather than store it.

3. Consuming enough protein helps you preserve lean muscle mass that might otherwise be sacrificed on a rapid weight loss diet. Of course, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest.

4. Most protein foods, especially fish, are Contour Foods that research has shown trims belly fat.

5. Eating protein helps keep your blood sugar on an even keel, so you don’t get the shakes or drops in energy.

6. Having enough protein in your diet boosts your metabolism, and it does this by stepping up the action of your thyroid gland. (One of the main duties of the thyroid is to regulate metabolism.)

7. Including protein with meals helps tame your appetite so that you don’t stuff yourself.

That’s why eating protein on the 17 Day Diet is so important and how it helps you drop even more weight.  For a list of my favorite five proteins you can eat now, just click here.

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