Borrowed Time: The Single Most Powerful Secret to Anti-Aging

When it comes to aging, it’s not just about how many years you live; it’s about how many good years you have.

It’s about the time you’re able to spend healthy, and independent, going where you want and doing what you want…

You don’t want to worry about getting winded going up stairs or being too old and sick to enjoy that dream vacation you finally get around to taking in your golden years.

That’s why my #1 tip for anti-aging is…SLEEP!

I always thought it was a raw deal.

We all need it, but it just doesn’t seem fair, right?

I mean most people (in America at least) get about 75 years of life.  And, if you eat right and exercise, you could get another 10 or 20 on top of that…

But then, you gotta spend a THIRD of those years sleeping!

I can’t help but stop and think about all the things I could be doing, and all the memories I could be making with all that extra time I “waste” every night with my head on a pillow.

I know I’m not alone here either…

It’s exactly that kind of thinking that has led America to being one of the most chronically under-slept countries in the world.

We don’t sleep enough, and everyone knows it. We just don’t know how (or don’t want) to change it…

The secret I’ve learned though is that getting enough sleep is VITAL for anti-aging and adding years to your life! 

I think we all sacrifice quality sleep chasing MORE life in each day. But in a cruel twist, it ends up costing us far more than we ever “get”.

Because, it’s well known that a chronic lack of sleep AGES you faster, and can lead to premature decline.

What you have to understand is that..

Quality sleep is essential to maintaining good health

I can prove it too.

Let me ask you, what’s one thing you immediately notice in the mirror the morning after a night of bad (or no) sleep?

That’s right, dark circles under your eyes…

But, do you know why your lower eyelids get puffy and dark when you don’t sleep right?

It’s because sleep is your body’s way of clearing out free radicals and other sources of inflammation at night.

And, when that stuff doesn’t get cleared out at night like it’s supposed to, your body retains fluid to help flush it all out.

The other thing it does is syphon anti-oxidants out of your skin and other parts of your body to help clear out these free radicals. (That’s one reason a diet high in antioxidants is so important).

Antioxidants are the same compounds that are responsible for holding the collagen in your skin together. So, if you’re constantly “robbing Peter to pay Paul” by taking them OUT of your skin to help flush out toxins…what do you think happens to your skin if you’re not sleeping right?

That’s right. Not sleeping enough at night prematurely ages you.

And it’s not just your skin.

Other common areas associated with high inflammation include your:

–Muscles (particularly your skeletal muscles like your arm, legs and neck)
–Kidneys (which are now working overtime to help clear out the junk)

Notice anything about the above (partial) list?

That’s right, they’re all the systems that tend to “wear out” and break down FIRST as we age…

That’s no coincidence.

Without sufficient sleep, you’re literally stealing tomorrow’s vitality and energy to buy a few more minutes of fun today.

So, do yourself a favor, and don’t think of sleep as the 6-8 hours you lose at night. Think of it as the 6-8 hours you invest in creating happy, meaningful memories for years to come.

Getting more rest is the #1 secret to anti-aging, the proof is in the medical research pudding.

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Which is why I recently put together a short book where I detail the many ways sleep has an impact on your life, and the most effective, scientific ways to get better, more restful hours of sleep each night.  It’s called “The Stress Response,” and you can download it below, for free.



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