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What is an Affiliate?
An affiliate is someone who earns commissions by promoting a company’s products and/or services. It’s a win-win situation – you earn commissions and Dr. Mike gets to spread his mission of health and wellness to more people around the world.

What do I get as a Dr. Mike Affiliate?

  • 30% commission on any sales you refer for “Body Breakthrough by Dr. Mike”
  • Unlimited earning potential.
  • Fast and reliable payments through PayPal.
  • Real-time, accurate sales tracking through our Referral Partner Center where you can see your sales and commissions earned.

What will I be Promoting?
Body Breakthrough by Dr. Mike.  Body Breakthrough is an enhanced, interactive version of Dr. Mike’s BEST-SELLING, proven 17-Day Diet plan that takes weight loss and body transformation to the next level — making it easier, faster, more fun and convenient than ever before!

Who can Become an Affiliate?
Anyone can become a Dr. Mike Affiliate, as long as you:

  • Only use ethical marketing methods to promote our products. We will NOT tolerate anyone promoting our products via unsolicited e-mail marketing (or “spam”). Any such practices will cause you to be terminated from the program!
  • Do not promote Dr. Mike products via websites or other marketing channels that contain offensive content.
  • Do not use your affiliate links for your personal Dr. Mike purchases. You will never receive commissions for your own purchases.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?
We use an internal system that tracks all purchases made through your affiliate links.

You’ll receive a PayPal payment as often as every month as long as you’ve acquired at least $50 in commissions and the sale was made more than 45 days ago. There is a 45-day delay to allow for customer returns and refunds.

Our shopping cart system does all the work for us and keeps track of the details. Once you become an affiliate, you can log-in to our site anytime and check your stats.

What if I have Questions or Need Help?
Upon joining the affiliate program, you will receive access to our online affiliate center that contains resources and links to obtain additional support. If you have questions prior to joining, you may contact us at

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