4 Summer Fitness Tips: Stay Active & Have Fun!

Summer is here! We can finally catch up with family and friends, enjoy the great weather, even travel.  With so many options, it can be a tempting time of year to make unhealthy choices.

But, summer fitness can actually be a whole lotta fun !

One of the biggest things you can do is to get into a good routine.  It’s essential to staying on track and achieving your weight loss goals.

When Summer comes, your daily routine may change.  You may be taking more time off, or traveling or even doing activities you aren’t normally able to do in the colder months.  With those changes to your schedule, sometimes your diet suffers.  Or maybe it’s too hot and you skip your evening walks.

That’s why having a plan ahead of time, will allow you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals while also enjoying everything summer has to offer.

Remember, no matter where the summer takes you or how your schedule might change, the importance of living a healthy lifestyle NEVER changes.

So to help, here are my…

4 Summer Fitness Tips: Stay Active & Have Fun!

1.) Take the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruit and veggies. Go to a local Farmer’s Market and support your local farmers.  Or, contact your local Farm Co-Op – many offer Summer fresh food subscriptions – yum!

2.)Avoid drinking your calories – eat them instead. Get your fill and stay hydrated by drinking eight 8-ounce glass of fresh, pure water every day.

3.) Try new foods but keep the general principals of the 17 Day Diet in mind when you’re considering your food options. In the Summer you may see more fruit and veggie choices at your local markets, try something different!  Variety is the spice of life!

4.) Get creative – do something different and explore the outdoors. Try paddle boarding, kayaking, go for a swim, take a long walk or hike – just get moving! Summer fitness at it’s best!

Here’s to a safe, exciting, healthy summer!

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  1. I walk my dogs every morning, and come home and walk the treadmill since they are aging and can’t go as far. I put together a walking group at work on our breaks twice a day. During the Summer I will be in my swimming pool, with the water weights my sister bought me a few years ago. Also I love to dance and hula hoop. 🙂

  2. We have a long road trip and will be away 2 and a half weeks. I am a picky eater and not a big cook either but I do well sticking to the diet and losing weight. As far as exercise while away, I plan to walk and get in whatever I can with my kids. Hopefully my relatives have a treadmill or something.

  3. Hi Dr Mike,
    Thanks a lot for the update and the remainder for super summer active days. i will target myself to walk and clock 10,000 steps. and also am still following C1 and C2 of your diet plan so am good. At the moment am weighing 63.7kg and the weather down here is cold OUR WINTER. Have fun
    Jacque Dina

  4. I just recently started this planafter surgery to upgrade my ICD. I lost 5 pounds after 17 days. My blood sugar has greatly improved with FBS in the 80’s. I now only take meteor in once a day. But now I cannot lose anymore weight. I find the second phase to have too much food for my appetite as well. What can I do to get back to losing? I have at least 30 to forty more pounds to lose.

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