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7 simple weight loss tips now.
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7 MUST-FOLLOW Tips to Lose Weight Fast in 2018

7 MUST-FOLLOW Tips to Lose Weight Fast in 2018

Guest Author: Jamil Smith

Everyone wants to lose weight fast but a lot of people don’t know where to start. These days there are a million and one health tips out there and it can be hard to know which ones to follow. It seems like you hear a new “magical” tip every day that’s supposed to be the cure-all for your weight loss goals.

Today we’re here to discuss some of the best weight loss tips that have passed the test of time and have helped countless people lose weight and reach all of their health and fitness goals.

A general rule of thumb is if it sounds too complicated it’s usually not worth your time. The simple fat loss tips below are for anyone and everyone interested in losing weight and maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

#1 Make a Colorful Plate

Everyone likes a little bit of variety right? Well, why not take advantage of all the phytonutrients in leafy green salads, carrots, beets, and peppers? When you add an assortment of colorful vegetables to your plate it can have a positive effect on the amount of food you consume while supplying you with a wide range of different vitamins and nutrients. If you’re looking for tips on how to lose weight naturally, this is an extremely easy weight loss tip.

No matter what vegetables you choose, following this simple tip ensures that you do not fill the majority of your plate with high-calorie foods. Loading colorful vegetables on your plate in addition to lean protein will also satiate your appetite while maintaining a balanced diet. This is an excellent way to spark your metabolism and maintain a fat burning diet.

#2 Be Mindful of Alcohol Consumption

The holidays are over and that means it’s time to hop back on the wagon! Well, you don’t have to go completely cold turkey, but reducing the amount of alcohol you consume starting the New Year is a great way to work off all those extra calories you’ve been consuming over the last four months. Consider setting goals for yourself such as only drinking one day a week or a single glass of wine with dinner.

Another great option to ensure that you do not consume too much alcohol is to match every alcoholic drink you have with a glass of water. Not only will this keep you from consuming too many liquid calories but it will save you a lot of headache in the morning.

#3 Don’t Drink Your Calories

Although most of us know that drinking alcohol in excess can lead to weight gain, many people are unaware of the hidden calories in some of the most popular flavored drinks. I think we’ve all seen the athletes in commercials drinking Gatorade and Powerade during a tough game. The truth is unless you are engaged in very strenuous physical activity, drinking sugar-filled flavored drinks and sports drinks can lead to unwanted fat gain. Want to know how to avoid these types of drinks? Read the label.

The two most important areas to be considered are labeled “Calories” and “Sugar”. If the drink you are curious about contains more than ten calories or two grams of sugar it’s a poor choice for your weight loss plan.

#4 Don’t Confuse Hunger with Thirst

Before you reach for the bag of potato chips or an extra slice of pizza, have a glass of water first. It sounds strange, but people often mistake hunger for thirst. Aside from the benefits of staying hydrating, drinking water before and during meals ensures you quench any thirst you may have before consuming any needless or excess calories.

#5 Plan Out Your Meals for the Week

Meal prepping is the number one way to stay on track with your weight loss goals.   If you aren’t prepping all your meals for the week, you need to start doing that right now. Not only does meal prepping save you a huge amount of time not having to prepare every single meal you eat, it is also a great deterrent for staying away from unhealthy choices. The next time your office buddy asks you if you want to grab a few slices of pizza for lunch, it will be a lot easier to resist the urge when you know you have fully prepared healthy meals in the fridge that you don’t want to waste.

#6 Eat Protein With Every Meal

Many people forget to follow this tip and it can save you a lot of calories.  Protein keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time and is more satisfying than both carbohydrates and fats.

A major benefit of including protein at every meal is that it will make you think twice about snacking on poor food choices such as chips or sweets. When you know you have to have protein at every meal, opting for beef jerky instead of one of those poor choices will save you endless empty calories. This is one of the most simple and effective weight loss tips out there.

#7 Cardio

Cardio is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy physique and is an easy way to lose weight fast. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease and weight gain. Regular exercise has proven to have a positive effect on counteracting cardiovascular disease, promoting weight loss, reducing bad cholesterol, and can even help reduce high blood pressure. Aim for engaging in three to four, one-hour sessions, of cardio a week.

One tip is to make sure that you choose a type of cardio that you enjoy. There’s no need to dread staring at the wall on a treadmill for an hour. Get outside and go for a run, play tennis, jump on a trampoline, or do anything that makes you happy and makes you sweat.

If you’re looking to lose weight quick, alongside a healthy diet, cardio is the secret to losing pounds of fat in no time.

If you’ve ever struggled to find the best tips on how to lose weight, you’re not alone. There is so much misinformation out there that it’s easy to get confused and not know where to begin. Losing weight is all about sticking to a plan and having the mindset of achieving your goals no matter what obstacles lie in your way. The tips above are easy ways to lose weight fast and start off 2018 happier and healthier.

With over two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, Jamil Smith is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and author of The Healthy Diet Solution.

8 Steps to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals in 2018

8 Steps to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals in 2018

One of the most common new year’s goals is the goal to “lose weight” and “get in shape.” Have you ever told your friends and family that these are your goals?

The problem is, that it is hard to stick to these goals. So many people talk about their failed resolutions, how can we make 2018 different from all of the previous years?

The new year is a time of reflection for most people. We evaluate our year and decide on the changes that we want to make. After a season of holiday parties, cake, cookies and candy, it’s no surprise that we think of losing weight with the coming new year.

Continue reading

Maintaining Healthy Habits While Spending Time With People Who Don’t

Maintaining Healthy Habits While Spending Time With People Who Don’t

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post on maintaining healthy habits while you’re vacationing and enjoying all the fun times summer has to offer.  It can be a challenge, but with some planning and the right mindset you can stick to the program and keep up your routine even with a hectic summertime schedule.  For this post, I’d like to focus on a more specific issue you might encounter while vacationing: How do you stay committed to your healthy habits when you’re visiting family members or friends who don’t follow healthy principles?

This is an issue that comes up all the time – you’ve got the right mindset, the right diet and exercise routine, but then you’re in a social situation with people who don’t share the same healthy habits you’ve worked hard to cultivate.  It’s a tricky position to be in – you know you shouldn’t stray from your hard-earned healthy principles, but you also don’t want to be rude or make your hosts feel snubbed. How do you navigate this while still enjoying yourself and having fun?  Read on to find out. Continue reading

Getting Ready for a Fun, Active Summer

Getting Ready for a Fun, Active Summer

Summer is almost here – always great time to catch up with family and friends, enjoy the great weather, or take a vacation.  With so many fun things to do your schedule might change, which makes it easy to lose track of the good habits you’ve worked hard to establish.

Getting in a good routine is essential to staying on track and achieving your weight loss goals.  With the changing of the seasons, it’s normal to change up your daily routine – it can be hard to find time to go to the gym or stick to the food lists.  It might be a challenge, but with a little bit of planning and right mindset you can stick to the game plan and achieve your goals while you enjoy everything summer has to offer.

Remember, no matter where the summer takes you or how your schedule might change, the food lists and the importance of staying active don’t change.  If you need some help, download the free 3-day meal plan for some inspiration.

Vacationing in new places might mean you have to put in a little bit of effort to stay on course, so here are some ideas to help.

Tips for Staying Active & Maintaining Your Weight Loss this Summer

  1. Take the opportunity to enjoy new activities that allow you to get your daily dose of exercise.
  2. Always avoid drinking your calories – eat them instead.
  3. Try new foods, enjoy new experiences, but keep the general principals of the 17 Day Diet in mind when you’re considering your food options.
  4. Get creative – do something different and explore the outdoors. Try paddle boarding, kayaking, go for a swim, take a long walk or hike – just get moving!

What are some of the ways you use to stick to the 17-Day Diet program while enjoying a vacation or other summertime activities?  Share below, we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to a safe, exciting, healthy summer!

3 Day Meal Plan

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

17-Day Diet

These two pictures of me were taken about six months apart. The picture on the left was taken in August of last year, I weighed about 210 pounds. The one on the right was taken this February, at my current weight of around 170. These pictures are proof that we all face challenges with weight gain, and that we all need some help to stay on the right track.

Until I looked at these pictures next to each other it never really hit me where I was just a few months ago. It reminds me how easy it can be to get off course, and that we often develop bad habits without even realizing it’s happening. Before you know it 10 pounds can turn into 20, then 50, then 100. It can happen to anyone.

The pictures are also a reminder of how much progress I made during that six-month period. The takeaway for me is that it’s important to be mindful of those struggles, to follow the program and avoid those bad habits. One of the best ways to do that is to rely on each other for help.  We’re all working toward the same goals and facing the same challenges along the way.  We need to look to each other when things get tough. We all struggle at times – even me, as the picture on the left proves – and there’s no reason to face those struggles alone.  We have each other for support.

Support One Another

If you’re stuck in a rut or feel like you’re facing an uphill battle just remember that it happens to everyone at one time or another, and that you’ve got a support network that understands what you’re going through. Start with Cycle One and stay active! One of the great benefits of the program is that it gives you a plan to follow that will help you stay on track, to avoid those bad habits that can creep up so easily and to help you make long-lasting positive changes. Follow the program – it works.

Here’s a free 17 Day Diet 3-Day Meal Plan to get you started!

17-day diet 3-day meal plan

Am I Too Old to Lose Weight? 7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss After 40

Am I Too Old to Lose Weight? 7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss After 40

It’s no secret that weight gets harder to manage as we age. Metabolism, muscle mass, and natural hormonal changes play a big part in women’s weight loss after 40.

Many women feel that no matter how hard they exercise and how diligent they are about controlling what they eat, losing weight after 40 is an uphill battle where results are often hard to come by.

Weight loss for women after 50 can become even more challenging as the body’s natural aging process, loss of muscle mass, and decreased activity levels makes burning calories and fat even more difficult.

Keep these tips in mind to achieve healthy, lasting weight management results no matter what your age:

1. Keep Activity Levels on Par With Current Eating Habits

You don’t have to train for a marathon to maintain a healthy weight—but you do want to keep in mind that as the body ages, a natural decline in metabolism often makes it more difficult to indulge in calorie-rich snacks without compensating with some form of calorie-burning activity.

Losing weight after 50 becomes increasingly difficult since overall activity levels tend to decline as we age. The trick to keeping weight in check is to find a realistic balance between healthy eating habits and regular exercise to keep those natural, age-related changes in metabolism in check.

2. High Energy Depends on Consistent Blood Sugar Levels

Eating frequent, smaller meals throughout the day can have a beneficial effect on energy levels and help keep blood sugar consistent. Without major shifts in blood glucose levels you can keep fatigue at bay and maintain healthier, more productive activity levels.

Try eating at least five small meals a day to keep the body feeling fuller, longer—and always avoid going for more than three to four hours without a healthy snack. The goal here is to avoid putting your body into starvation mode, which can have the detrimental effect of shutting down the metabolism and causing it to go into “emergency” mode, where the body’s natural response is to hold on to calorie and fat stores rather than burning them.

3. Try to Eat in Line With Your Body’s Natural Wake and Sleep Cycle

Experts agree that eating a good breakfast can aid in boosting the metabolism and help accelerate weight loss. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true—eating after 8 p.m. can often be detrimental to maintaining a healthy weight.

The timing of meals can be one of the most difficult things to manage during a busy day—and life often gets in the way of any predetermined eating schedule. If you find yourself hungry in the late evening hours, focus on clean eating: simply keep those carbs to a minimum and indulge in a metabolism-boosting protein and veggie-rich meal instead.

4. Trick Your Metabolism to Burn Calories With Fat-Fighting Snacks

Losing weight after 40 is not really about how much you eat, but what you eat that really matters. Foods that are low in carbohydrate and high in protein can actually help you burn calories and boost weight loss by building muscle.

Experts agree that having a solid core and lean muscle mass can actually help the body burn calories even while resting—making your body a consistent fat burning furnace by default.

5. Incorporate Strength-Training Exercises That Build Muscle to Burn Fat 24/7

Muscle mass naturally declines with age, making it more difficult to keep that calorie-burning furnace running like it used to. The more muscle mass the body has, the more efficiently the metabolism can burn calories and fat.

In order to compensate for a decline in muscle mass and to help burn calories and fat even while at rest, refine your workouts to incorporate muscle-building activities a few times a week. Simply incorporating some basic strength training exercises can have a huge impact on fat stores and overall calorie-burning performance.

6. Get a Good Night’s Sleep to Rev Your Metabolic Engine

Lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on body weight due to the disruption of certain hormones. Research has shown that our metabolism is most active while we sleep and that getting less than six hours of rest per night can actually have a negative effect on our glucose levels—which impairs the body’s ability to regulate weight gain.

7. To Maintain a Healthy Weight at Any Age, Focus on Achievable, Realistic Cardio Goals for Lasting Results

Our metabolic engines thrive on the slow-and-steady approach where consistency is key. Start small and focus on activities you enjoy to achieve big results—if you hate running but love walking with a group, commit to the activity that you know you’ll look forward to in the long run.

The best way to deal with the natural aging process and related weight management issues is to meet it head-on with gradual lifestyle changes that improve your quality of life and overall health in the long term.

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