Dr. Mike Moreno’s Personal Health Coaching Terms & Conditions

Refunds The Client understands there is a cost to the health coaching session or program. Dr. Mike Moreno’s Health Coaching values the Client’s satisfaction with the program. In the event the Client has to withdrawal due to outside reasons prior to beginning coaching, he/she may withdraw within 30 days of purchase. If the Client is dissatisfied with the Dr. Mike Moreno’s health coaching services, Client must withdrawal immediately following the first session to receive a full refund.  After the second session has commenced, a refund will not be issued.  All cancellation requests must be submitted to info@drmikediet.com and are subject to a 5% transaction fee. Payment Plans By participating in any delayed or partial payment plan, you agree to pay balance in full according to the terms outlined on this form, including a processing fee of 5% for each delayed payment. Failure to complete payment as agreed will cause event and package prices to revert to regular retail prices.